Version 27

    Welcome to the new Daimler Supplier Portal !
    Here you will find initial information about the NEW Daimler Supplier Portal and the transition to it.

    Your Move to the new Daimler Supplier Portal – Information on your new User ID

    The new portal is available since 18.06.2019 at the familiar URL/address

    The "old" Covisint portal is now only available at

    You can still use the application-reduced Daimler environment on the Covisint platform in parallel until December 2019.

    Attention: New users will NOT be able to register on the Covisint platform anymore.

    From 15.07.2019 the majority of our applications will have moved from the Covisint.

    Attention: Applications which have been moved to the new environment since 24.06.2019 are no longer available on the Covisint environment !

    Who is affected?

    Every supplier who has used the Daimler Supplier Portal at Covisint in the past.

    What do you have to do?

    You have received an e-mail containing your new user id and initial password June 18th-20th !

    Activate this user id and set a new password. You will find a description of how to activate the user id on the following pages.

    Please note: You will receive a separate e-mail for every single supplier account you had at Covisint. In case you had several User-IDs in Covisint, may consider the supplier codes to get the relation between supplier code and User-ID again.

    Please be extremely concentrated when activating your User ID in the new portal! Due to our security regulations, the process may seem somewhat complex.

    ATTENTION: You will get your previous applicaton rights ONLY through the migration of your user (see mail from June 18th-20th).

    Our support is currently very busy due to the high number of users ! Therefore please try to find your migration mail !

    How to Activate your new User ID

    Step 1: Open E-Mail

    1.1 On June 19th 2019 every supplier will receive an e-mail with his/her new user-id and initial password from

    Subject: “Please activate your right to access the new Daimler Supplier Portal”

    Step 2: Open the new Daimler Supplier Portal

    2.1 Go to website and click on “Login”

    Step 3: User Activation

    3.1 Enter your user id and initial password that you have received via e-mail and click on “login”.

    3.2 You will get the message "Login failed” and that you need to change your password. Click on "Change password".

    3.3 Enter your user ID and the initial password again and then enter the access code, which is displayed below. Click “Next”.

    3.4 In order to be able to change your password without further assistance in the future, you need to set a personal passphrase question and corresponding answer. Click “next” to continue.

    3.5 Now you can set your new password. By clicking on "Next" you confirm the Password.

    3.6 You get a confirmation that you successfully changed your password, which is now valid for 90 days.

    3.7 Close this window and go to website again. 

    Click on “Login“ and enter your new user id and newly set Password.

    3.8 You will be redirected to the protected area of the Daimler Supplier Portal. Your new user id will be displayed

    in the upper right section of the Screen.

    Before you contact the HelpDesk, please check whether your question is not already answered in our FAQs:

    • You will find the public FAQs on the homepage under Help&FAQ
    • The FAQs for logged in users are available logged in under your avatar icon.

    Hint: After login, you can access the most relevant functions clicking on the "avatar icon" upper right

    Administration in the new Portal:Former Covisint Security Administrators and eDocs-Admins have been migrated to the new portal as so-called "Portal Managers" (aka Org.Admins) and can use the new tool for user administration (GEMS). Portal managers must of course confirm new Daimler specific "Terms of Use". Users no longer have to confirm any agreements (as is the case today with Covisint).

    We apologize for any inconvenience if you still have to use both platforms because the relevant applications may not have been completely moved yet. We try to keep this time as short as possible !

    Feel free to download one of the documents for more details, screenshots and different languages


    pdf(1,53 MB)-12.12.2019


    pdf(1,53 MB)-12.12.2019


    pdf(1,06 MB)-12.19.2019


    pdf(1,52 MB)-12.19.2019


    pdf(1,53 MB)-12.19.2019


    pdf(1,81 MB)-1.10.2020