Version 9


    We would like to inform you about some of our improvements we did this month. These are not all the changes we deployed but these are the most relevant ones for you and we hope to improve the user experience.

    1. Mark app as favorite

    It´s now possible to mark an app as favorite. This will put the app into the first position of the list. You can mark more than one app as favorite. Your other apps will still be sorted underneath or you can filter just your favorite apps.

    2. Request Access UX 

    After you press the request access button a pop-up will appear to inform you whats the next step.

    3. Rating

    On the add application pop-up and on the list view of the application-list it´s now possible to see how the apps are rated. If you want to place a rating - click on "more details" and see a rating module in the row on the right side.