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    To all suppliers and service providers of Mercedes-Benz Group (December 2022)

    The outbreak of the corona virus and the associated global dynamic developments surrounding Covid-19 have led to severe restrictions in private, public and professional areas of life for over two years. 

    Fortunately, the situation has calmed down. Nevertheless, it is important to us that we deal with the topic responsibly. 

    In addition to our own workforce, many employees from other companies work at the Mercedes-Benz locations or visit our locations as suppliers.


    It is still important to protect our own workforce from infections, but also to prevent employees from external companies and supplier representatives from being infected. 

    Despite the lower incidence of infections, we ask you to observe the following measures:

    • Recommendation: Keep a distance of 1,5 m (where possible)
    • Recommendation: Wearing a medical mouth-nose-mask indoors voluntarily if distances cannot be maintained
    • Regular airing of offices/meeting rooms
    • Mobile working according to company regulations
    • Examination of hybrid meeting concepts and additional voluntary preventive measures at meetings/events (such as self-test/wearing a mask) 

    Thank you for your support.

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