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    We make the cooperation in Daimler Supplier Portal even safer.

    Together with you, we want to make cooperation in the Daimler Supplier Portal even safer.

    To this end, we will use new and easy-to-use security mechanisms in the Daimler Supplier Portal.

    In September 2020, we involved you in a survey on the use of other authentication methods in addition to a login.

    We have received about 15,000 feedbacks, for which we would like to thank you very much.

    The so-called Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) or Second Mean makes the use of internet services even more secure. You may be familiar with this from your private environment e.g. online banking or cloud services, where a further confirmation of your identity in addition to the login (e.g. via SMS-TAN or fingerprint) is needed.

    Results from the Portal Manager survey:

    • About 70% of portal managers use their mobile phone for business purposes
    • Approx. 55% use further authentication already in the business environment outside the Daimler Supplier Portal
    • Approx. 40% already use the authentication methods available with an MFA service
    • About 60% are not yet sure whether they can use the authentication methods available in the MFA service in the business area
    • More than 2,200 textual feedbacks

    We have received your feedback in order to optimize our planning in a user-oriented manner.

    On this portal page we will keep you informed about the introduction.

    Hint: Therefore, "Follow" this page to be automatically informed of changes.


    Full User Guide

    pdf(1,56 MB)-1.11.2021

    Guide for using hardware Security Key

    pdf(0,13 MB)-1.11.2021

    Guide for using Authenticator Apps

    pdf(0,30 MB)-1.11.2021

    Quick Guide using Yubikey

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    What is MFA ?

    Multi-factor authentication (MFA) extends access permissions by checking multiple independent characteristics (factors).

    In our daily work, we are all familiar with logging in to applications with our UserID and password. But there are applications that allow access to sensitive data.

    In such cases, the use of an additional, different login (=multi-factor authentication) helps to protect this data from attacks (e.g. phishing) that are now carried out by cybercriminals.

    This is certainly known to you by now, for example, from online banking.

    Why is Daimler introducing MFA in the Daimler Supplier Portal?

    The ever-increasing digital data exchange with correspondingly increasing online crime forces partners to use secure ways of communicating data. Daimler AG will also provide further protection (only) for relevant applications in its central data exchange platform for suppliers.

    Additional security solutions must be implemented for applications that provide access to sensitive data, either for you or for the enterprise.

    One of the most important applications of the Daimler Supplier Portal that needs to be protected is the access management tool GEMS.

    Which Daimler applications are covered with an MFA ?

    • iCust
    • CTRnext
    • SRS (Supplier Recovery System)
    • GEMS

    Further applications are expected to follow (e.g. engineering and purchasing applications) and are continually supplemented in this list.

    When will MFA be activated in the Daimler Supplier Portal ?

    We plan to introduce MFA for GEMS in the 2nd quarter of 2021.

    Registration in the Daimler Supplier Portal is not affected.

    What are the supported ways to authenticate ?

    • "PingID" mobile app - available on CoD & UoD
      • The current minimum requirements for the "PingID" mobile app are:
        • iOS version 11.0 and higher
        • Android version 6.x and higher

    • Authenticator app of choice, e.g. Microsoft Authenticator / Google Authenticator / ...

    • Using a supported hardware security key (only on supported browsers / platforms) - Procurement of hardware security keys has to be managed individually
      • For Yubikeys, currently following types are supported:
        • YubiKey 5 NFC
        • YubiKey 5C
        • YubiKey 5 Nano
        • YubiKey 5C Nano
        • Yubikey 5Ci (USB-C)
        • Security Key
        • Security Key NFC
      • Security protocol support:
        • Yubico OTP (One Time Password)
        • Universal 2nd Factor (U2F)
        • FIDO2

    Do you have issues setting up MFA?

    Please make sure you read all the necessary information documents in the download section above. If you still have issues, you can contact our support:

    Please use our feedback form to report your experiences.