Version 6

    If you want to use an authenticator app with MFA4Daimler on your mobile device, please follow the step-by-step instructions:

    When you open a 2-factor protected application within the Daimler Supplier Portal for the first time, you will be prompted to activate MFA on your mobile device:

    1. Install "PingID" from the Apple AppStore or Google PlayStore.

    If you prefer to install an alternative OAuth app, click "For alternative authentication methods please click here" and select option  "Authenticate using an authenticator app". Click "Next".

    2. Start the installed app (e.g. PingID) on your mobile device. You will be asked to accept the terms & conditions and to allow the app the use of the camera of your mobile device.

    2.1 Scan the QR Code with the camera of the mobile device.

    2.2 Click "next" in the web application.

    3. On your mobile device a passcode is generated by the authenticator app. Enter the passcode into the input field of the web application.

    4. Click "Verify" in the web application.

    5. Before you can start using the app on the mobile device, the app needs to be set up. Click "Start Setup".


    6. Add your account by tapping "+" in the toolbar.

    7. After the setup is finished, you will be redirected to the 2-factor protected application within the Supplier Portal and can start using it.