Version 8


    DQM stands for an Internet-based process for quality monitoring and the optimization of delivery data for delivered goods between all Mercedes-Benz AG plants and their suppliers.

    Through the innovative solution:

    1. a simultaneous provision of a common data pool is possible
    2. a large degree of information transparency is ensured for all who are involved
    3. early preventive error detection and correction is possible
    4. the subsequent effort is reduced for Mercedes-Benz AG as well as suppliers, thus avoiding higher ensuing process costs

    The following functions are available to you:

    • Consignments Search consignment data: All transmitted delivery note data is displayed here; erroneous shipments are marked and can be corrected.
      New consignment: Delivery note data can be recorded and transmitted from here.
    • Statistics: Analyses and statistics can be called up here.
    • Quality Control: Manually recorded delivery note data, Incorrect EDI data and the debit memos are displayed here.