Version 7


    Carriers reserve time windows and enter data for your delivery cover Sheets.

    Data senders receive transparency regarding the quality of the transport data. Incorrect data is displayed and can be corrected or entered online.

    Further information on the individual modules of the TM:

    Time slot- planning-/reserveration

    • Delivery time windows are planned by Mercedes-Benz AG transport planner per relation (Bordervorsatz)
    • Carrier confirms time windows by reservation in IBL-TM
    • Sporadic time windows can be added via IBL-TM if required

    Track & Trace

    • Before the journey begins, the truck driver logs on to a reserved ZF using the app.
    • The app tracks the truck during the journey and provides driving instructions for the approach to a plant
    • Calculation of ETA (estimated time of arrival) and comparison with time window in Mercedes-Benz AG backend system

    Automatic goods registration (In-Yard)

    • When you enter the geo fence of the plant, the system checks whether WE entry is possible.
      • Direct entry possible: truck may drive directly into the factory, WE recording takes place automatically
      • Direct entry not possible: truck must be registered at the truck control centre and is recorded manually
    • Driving instruction is output via the app

    In-plant Steering

    • Variant 1 - dynamic: 
      • Driving instructions are issued via telematics (e.g. App or SMS)
      • The Mercedes-Benz AG Backend System decides which truck is called up for a unloading zone
        • Criteria for this are time window, processing time, occupancy, priority, bottleneck
      • At the unloading stations and at the gate, the trucks are recorded ( (logged on/off)
    • Variant 2 - static:
      • The sequence of the unloading zones to be approached is printed on a pass
      • At the unloading points and at the gate, the trucks are registered (logged on/off)

    Steering of scheduled transports (JIS, Crossdock,...)

    • Control of trucks via route schedules
    • The truck is assigned to a specific tour before the start of the journey
    • The app tracks the truck during the journey and contains driving instructions