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    There is a new access for Daimler AG suppliers to exchange data: The Daimler Supplier Portal. What changes, what has to be considered?

    Cleaning out, renovation or rather a move to a new home? There are many reasons for a change of scenery. Usually after that it is nicer, fresher, better. This is now also the case for Daimler AG’s suppliers. The new global platform for data exchange will continue to be called the Daimler Supplier Portal (DSP), but it was newly developed by Daimler. The previous Covisint platform is history. Cooperation between Daimler and its suppliers is now even easier. The safety standard is significantly increased. The Daimler Supplier Portal offers access to over 70 globally used applications such as eDocs, SDB, CERTUS, cTime or WBV. For all suppliers in Daimler’s three procurement units Mercedes-Benz Cars Procurement & Supplier Quality, Global Procurement Daimler Trucks & Buses and International Procurement Services.

    Within the last three months, more than 100,000 users have moved to their “new home”. “The new portal is a large information shopping mall,” explains Ralph Greiner. “Information travels here from the suppliers to Daimler and back. As in a shopping mall, inside the large building there are smaller units on various topics.” In other words, DSP-related areas of interest such as procurement, quality and logistics and their supply units in the form of 70 applications. Together with Oliver Cosic, Greiner is responsible for the relocation project at Daimler, which is scheduled to last until the end of 2019. Only 18 months passed between the start of the project and the commissioning of the Daimler Supplier Portal in July 2019. “This would not have worked so well without the intensive exchange with the suppliers,” says Cosic. “15 suppliers were involved as sponsors. The input was very valuable.”

    Simpler, more direct, faster - Daimler Supplier Portal provides an energy boost

    Things are going well, but they can still go better. For this reason, the project managers had invited to the Daimler Supplier Portal User Forum in Stuttgart in October. There were 50 users and administrators from strategic partners and key suppliers of Daimler AG. The motto was: Feedback does not hurt, it helps. Information and discussions were held at twelve stands. About initial experiences with the DSP, challenges in everyday operations and proposals for further simplification. The objective of DSP and the exchange between Daimler and its suppliers is clear: Simpler, more direct, faster.

    One thing is clear: While the new Daimler Supplier Portal says “Come on in!” access to the old system will no longer be possible by the end of 2019. Existing users must have completed the migration by then. From now on, new users can only register in the DSP. Here: Daimler Supplier Portal

     Note: This articles was originally published on October 25, 2019 on the previous Daimler Supplier Magazine Online platform.