Version 2

    5 films about operating modes for better overall understanding.

    To allow our employees to safely operate production processes as well as to safely repair and to permanently prevent the requirement for manipulation of guards, safe and suitable options are required to allow processes to be observed, even under realistic conditions (feed rates, rotational speeds, cutting speeds…).


    Production systems and machines, consisting of mechanical operating and/or assembly units, including their respective transfer lines for workpiece transportation, are constructed according to standard specifications in the Daimler Powertrain plants. In this case it is necessary to utilize a unified operation and access concept by means of standardized operating modes.


    In coordination with the Mechanical Engineering Committee, an operating mode concept has therefore been developed on the basis of the EU Machinery Directive.


    Suppliers, machine manufacturers and external companies as well as internal planners, operators, operation and maintenance personnel, are all to be informed about the operating modes. 


    5 Films have been made about the operating mode concept. The contents are in accordance with the Powertrain requirement specifications. Fundamental discussions about the design and varying points of view regarding operating modes can thus be avoided. 


    Operating modes ensure the safe operation of machines and equipment in all relevant activities and in all phases in the life of a machine.

    With operating modes, activities that involve the machines, like servicing, troubleshooting, maintenance or scopes of testing do not require manipulation.