Version 1


    Digitalization is essential for successful collaboration in the supply chain. Therefore, with INTOSC("Inbound Transparency

    and Optimization within the Supply Chain"), we have enhanced our processes on the basis of state of the art industry

    standards. INTOSC optimizes inbound logistics and, with the aid of active transport management, increases the

    transparency and efficiency of logistics processes from the supplier to the carrier to the plant.

    This is accomplished by converting delivery call offs to Pick Up Sheets, bundling requirements into cost optimized order

    volumes, track & trace of transport processes, forward & backward analyses of the logistics process, commissioning of

    carriers by Mercedes Benz AG, optimization of transport utilization , and the use of significant KPIs.

    The digitalized processes are the new standard in our supply chain and thus a basic requirement for future tenders. As

    an essential partner of the Mercedes Benz AG, you benefit as well: