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    We are a technology partner of the Catena-X network.
    Our aim is to play a key role in shaping the digital transformation via this network.
    Collaboration at the push of a button is the ambitious goal. 

      Be part of it! As part of Catena-X, you will benefit from secure and continuous data exchange throughout the entire automotive value chain.

    What is Catena-X and what is it about? 

    Catena-X sees itself as a collaborative, rapidly scalable extensible data ecosystem for the automotive industry, in which all participants in the automotive value chain can participate equally.

    The common goal of the network is to connect global players and to create a standardized, global and secure data exchange based on European values. The claim is data sovereignty: Whoever makes data available retains control and decides individually who is involved in the data exchange, how, when, where and under what conditions. Catena-X ensures secure and reliable implementation

    The advantages 

    There are significant advantages in our cooperation. With CATENA-X, common processes are optimized. They become more digital, leaner, more sustainable and faster. 

    In the Catena-X target scenario, platforms such as supplier/B2B portals no longer need to be operated, as the data required for collaboration is exchanged digitally between partners in an automated manner. 

    In addition to efficiency benefits, higher resilience in the supply chain and important progress in the sustainability of our products, the network around Catena-X promises more efficient quality & logistics processes, higher transparency with regard to sustainable CO2 reduction and simplified master data management. Continuously connected data chains in this way make it possible to develop innovative business processes and service offerings. 

    Sneak preview on Catena-X portal and its functions

    Not yet part of the Catena-X network? 

    When people, machines and industrial processes are intelligently connected, the network can create a decisive basis for the industry to meet the challenges of digital transformation much more efficiently and to better exploit the opportunities presented by the digitization of the value chain. 

    A network needs strong partners. Be part of it and support the network! Our data forms the basis for the cloud-based ecosystem. Connected data chains help increase productivity - yours and ours. 

    How can you participate in Catena-X?

    • Develop your own strategy to participate in Catena-X.
    • If you see future advantages in the secure and fast exchange of data with us or your suppliers, prepare yourself procedurally and technically for the connection to Catena-X. For the exchange of data in the Catena-X data ecosystem NO association membership is required.
    • If you want to support other companies in onboarding to Catena-X, certify yourself as "onboarding partner".

    Currently, we do not have any requirements for you.

    We are now preparing to contact you soon, to let you particiapte in our journey using the benefits of digitalization and Catena-X.

    Please use our short survey to give us feedback about your knowledge on Catena-X an your interest in participating in the beta phase (You have to login to use the survey!).

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