Version 1

    Plant closing times due to e.g. inventory, non-operational days, etc. can be requested via GLASS. A description of the general request process is provided below. As part of this process, an additional overview table has been added to increase transparency of the evaluation status and is now available.

    Henceforth, an overview of all evaluation statuses at plant level will be displayed in the "Supplier Closing Dates" application in the pop-over window of a closing date request. The status per plant is either "Approved", "Rejected" or "Pending". In the event of a rejection of a plant, a comment will be displayed informing about the reason for the rejection.

    General Process:

    Closing times should be created and approved at least 14 days in advance in order to be effective and taken into account in the pick-up sheet process (pick-up-sheet preponement). In addition, the correct creation of a closing time request for suppliers includes the following steps

    1. Open the "Supplier Closing Dates" application in the "Master Data Management" menu in GLASS and enter your supplier number.
    2. Select the planned closing time in the calendar displayed. For multi-day closing times, select the first day of the planned closing time.

    3. Indicate the period (start and end date) of your planned closing time in the pop-up window that appears. 

    4. Enter the reason for your closing time request in the "Description" field (e.g. "Christmas break", "End of year", etc.). The reason is used to evaluate the closing time request and is mandatory.  

    5. Enter your company's emergency contact in the supplier section of SMB (Information >> Supplier). In the event of an emergency during the requested closing time, the specified contact will be used for short-term communication. Confirm the details of your emergency contact in GLASS. Note:While this function is currently being implemented in GLASS it is still mandatory to be entered in SMB. 

    6. Save the closing time request directly in the pop-up window. The requested closing time is highlighted in blue in the calendar. 

    7. To review the status of your request, you can select the request highlighted in blue in the calendar and you will see an overview table in the pop-over window that opens. This overview table shows the status of the request per plant as well as a possible comment in the event of a rejection of a plant.

    8. Your request will now be evaluated by relevant material disponents of the Mercedes-Benz plants. You will be informed of the result in writing.