Version 11


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is this Portal / website for? Who can use it?

    The Daimler Supplier Portal is the central platform to exchange information and data between Daimler and its suppliers.

    Only suppliers with valid Daimler supplier codes (supply relationship) can register here.

    What is the difference of this platform to

    The Daimler Supplier Portal is a working platform used by Daimler employees and supplier employees to exchange information. does focus the customers of the products which were produced by the help of the Daimler Supplier Portal.

    Can I use pictures of Daimler products or refere to Daimler in my documents, which I want to share?

    Please verify the use of Daimler pictures or references by using the "Daimler as a reference" link in the footer. For more information click here.

    Can I apply as a NEW Supplier for Daimler ?

    You can apply as a supplier for Daimler on the Procurement pages.

    Just select "Procurement" and "Overall"

    Do I have to register as a supplier?

    You only have to register for our Portal if you have been asked to by Daimler.

    Daimler employees will inform you what to use (informaton or applications) in our Portal.

    But if you know your supplier code, you also can register and use the Portal. Then you should may ask your Daimler counterpart if it makes sense to use one of the available applications to improve collaboration.

    How can I find my supplier code to register?

    The supplier code can be found on the order. Your sales department can find it for you.

    What do I need to register?

    You only need to know your supplier locations Daimler supplier code.

    After approval of your registration by your Portal Manager in your company, you will get a User-ID and a start password.

    How can I get a supplier code if my company is not accepted by the system or not now delivering to Daimler?

    First check with your sales colleague if the supplier code you used is valid.

    Possible future suppliers can apply to be a Daimler supplier on the Portal Homepage.

    Our procuement department will then check the request.

    Who will approve my registration?

    Users will be approved by your Portal-Manager within your location / company.

    For each supplier code / location there is at least one "Portal-Manager" defined by your Company.

    How can I identify my Portal-Manager if my registration approval takes too long?

    Unfortunately you can not identify your Portal Manager before you have been approved.

    But the Daimler key account in your company may can find out who your Portal-Manager is.

    What can I do, when I "lost" or do not find my migration mail ?

    It is important to migrate your user, to migrate all users application rights into our new Portal.

    If you can´t find the Migration mail, sent out between June 18th to 20th, please contact "Help".

    They´ll "reset" your user again to let you migrate.

    If you do not use applications with complex rolles or additional approvals, you also can Register again to start from scratch.

    What can I do if there is no Portal-Manager available on my location ?

    Any Daimler Supplier Portal user out of your location can define a Portal-Manager for his location in the application SDB. As soon this defined user approved the Portal-Manager Terms, he/she can manage users for his location.

    Where can I find help when I´m logged in ?

    When you are logged in you can find a lot of supportive information by clicking on the avatar-icon upper right.
    You´ll find here FAQs, Manuals, Videow, .... for active Users.

    On the applications you can get additional information on the application tiles in the "Your Applications" section.

    How can I switch Languages ?

    You can switch the language (German, English) upper right hand side.

    If you want to translate the shown page(s) you can use so called "browser addons" (please ask your internal support if needed). Here are some examples (but there are more available) 

    Internet Explorer: Google Toolbar

    Edge: Translator 

    Opera: Translate Webpage,

    Firefox: Google Translate or Foxlingo,

    Chrome: Google Translate