Version 57


    Texts, publications, images, and films from suppliers that refer to Mercedes-Benz Group AG / Mercedes-Benz AG are subject to approval by Mercedes-Benz Group AG / Mercedes-Benz AG. This is agreed in the General Purchasing Conditions under point 5. It explicitly states: “The contracting parties may only advertise their business relationship with the contractual partner with the prior, written consent of the others.”

    • Please understand that reference communication is generally only permitted in exceptional cases.
    • Basically, the reference request must have a very high added value for both represent partners.
    • Inquiries are therefore examined critically with a view to the marketing strategy of Mercedes-Benz Group AG / Mercedes-Benz AG.
    • Please understand that Mercedes-Benz Group AG /Mercedes-Benz AG, regardless of the partnership, reserves the right to reject inquiries without giving reasons.


    The inquiry process includes a self-assessment. It represents the most important requirements that must be adhered to and is a fundamental prerequisite for further processing your request.

    • If your request for a reference qualifies, the self-assessment must be completed correctly and completely. Take enough time for this.
    • If the self-assessment is not completed correctly, the request will be rejected without comment.

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