Version 17


    Correcting sent data

    pdf(0,64 MB)-12.1.2021

    Deliveries to Third Parties - Data recipient

    pdf(0,54 MB)-1.17.2023

    Deliveries to Third Parties - Data sender

    pdf(0,49 MB)-1.17.2023

    Instructions for checking or displaying the manually recorded delivery notes

    pdf(0,64 MB)-12.1.2021

    Manual for incorrect EDI data

    pdf(0,73 MB)-12.1.2021

    Mercedes-Benz AG Item Number Manual

    pdf(13,13 MB)-12.1.2021

    mRoad Manual

    pdf(0,92 MB)-12.1.2021

    New Consignment

    pdf(1,40 MB)-3.9.2022

    TM Manual

    pdf(1,29 MB)-12.1.2021

    Short Version_DQM_MTC

    pdf(1,56 MB)-3.9.2022