Version 29


    Via the web-based system proQ, the exchange of purchasing documents (e.g. inquiries, purchase orders, contracts) is now paperless. Purchasing transactions can be completed in much less time and are more economical. Access to documents is guaranteed by systems technology and is clearly documented. proQ ensures legally compliant processing of commercial business transactions, which is equivalent to the conventional exchange of business documents. All purchasing documents and transactions sent via proQ are to be considered as legally binding declarations of intent for you and for us, without a signature.

    You want to use the advantages but your company is not yet registered for the eAccept function within the proQ application?

    Please follow the instructions below to get your access to the eAccept function to use all of the advantages.

    Step 1: request the eAccept function

    In order to register for the eAccept function, please log in to the Supplier Portal and request the eAccept role of the proQ application.

    To do that, please click on the “Request New Applications” button, search for “proQ” and select the “proQ with eAccept” role.

    You successfully requested the correct role to receive the eAccept function within the proQ application.

    An automatic generated email has been sent to you (please also check you “spam folder” in your inbox).


    Step 2: Approve eAccept Funktion 

    In the next step, your requested role must be approved by your companies Portal Manager.

    If you are the Portal Manager, you can approve the role by yourself using the Portal Manager Tool (GEMS/ALICE).

    You do not know who your Portal Manager is? Don’t worry, you can see this in the Supplier Portal by clicking on your user symbol and opening the “My Portal Manager” feature.

    Step 3: eAccept the Terms of Use

    You or your companies Portal Manager approved the proQ with eAccept role in the Portal Manager Tool (GEMS/ALICE)?

    Then we now only wait for your confirmation of Terms of Use. 

    You will now find a new "proQ" tile in the Supplier Portal. Click on "Launch Application" to be forwarded to the proQ application (please wait until the next day with searching for the new application because the installation of your user may take some time).

    As a new user you will find three more tiles.

    First, we focus on the "eAccept - Terms of Use" (see red border). These Terms of Use must be signed electronically by one user of your company.

    You will notice that you will not only find one entry there. You must accept the terms of use separately for each legal entity (Mercedes Benz AG, Daimler Truck AG, others). We recommend that you confirm eAccept for all legal entities in order to benefit from electronic data transmission for all units.

    To get your access as quickly as possible, you should select the electronic signature procedure.

    The number in the lower right corner of the tiles shows you the number of outstanding tasks.

    In addition to the "eAccept - Terms of Use", which must only be accepted once across the company, each user must accept the "Terms of Use" personally (see orange border).

    Step 4: Completed!

    After you have successfully completed all steps, please update your browser to display the further proQ applications.

    The other proQ applications also show the number of unresponded documents in the corners of the respective tile.