Version 17

    Digitalisation of material sampling

    Mercedes-Benz Cars digitizes material sampling together with the OEM overarching internet platform The concept was developed by PP/VD and MP/BI. The Internet platform serves as a central link between all stakeholders: suppliers, sub-suppliers, laboratories and Mercedes-Benz.

    Summary of the new concept:

    The entire process of material sampling is simplified. offers you new functions, such as the visualization of the CAD model and the information stored there or the provision of prefabricated, digitized test plans. These are based on general industry standards as well as DBL and MBN from Mercedes-Benz. The platform offers a tool supported selection of a test laboratory. Both the requirements of the test plan and the time availability of the laboratory are taken into account. Sub-suppliers can be more easily integrated into the sampling process by allowing partial checks to be delegated through the platform. These aspects greatly facilitate and speed up the data collection process.


    Initial introduction with selected suppliers took place in July 2021. In 2022, further suppliers will gradually be rolled out to the platform, starting with the focus on metallic materials. Below you will find more information about the new concept.

    Be there! Together with us, shape the future of material sampling.

    Go off!

    First you have to register with your company and different production sites at Follow the link: Getting started for Mercedes-Benz Tier 1 suppliers | Help-Center 

    The first registration requires the DUNS numbers of your different production sites. You can find them under the following link:

    At the end of your registration, your administrator of the Daimler supplier portal has the task of assigning you the roles for material sampling on the portal. This is an extra safety check. If you have the required roles as a user, you can use the platform optimally for our components. The necessary steps for your administrator are also described in the first link.

    Purpose - Simplify


    • You must manually view the test requirements of the parts.
    • You receive the standards as a pdf document.
    • You must derive and create your test plans manually.
    • You must assign test orders to laboratories separately.
    • You must manually consolidate and upload subcontractor and test lab audit reports.


    • You will receive a digitally automated derivation of all test requirements included in the CAD model.
    • You get the standards in an interpreted, digital form.
    • You will receive an automatically suggested test plan design.
    • You and your sub-suppliers receive a tool for awarding inspection orders and entering the test results.
    • You will automatically receive a target-result comparison.

    Costs and Benefits

    Actually, there is no cost of using the platform for you and your sub-suppliers. The benefits using the plattform are listed below:

    1. efficient display of the 3D model with all test requirements
    2. Test requirements easy and quick to read
    3. Relieve employees by automatically creating a master plan and reducing the process's susceptibility to errors
    4. Accelerate the award process of testing and centralized documentation in one place
    5. Save time for your employees by eliminating the effort required to consolidate all audit reports

    Overall, by reducing manual expenditure, we expect all process participants to save at least 25% per sampling process, resulting in potential savings for you.


    This is what the concrete work steps look like:


    When do we start?

    From 1.6.2021, the sampling processes will be gradually switched to the new process.

    Who can I contact if I have any questions?

    For additional information, please contact PP/VDW Team WEB or Team Analytics

    and at

    Who informs my sub-suppliers and laboratories?

    You can invite your partners through the platform.

    What effect does this have on PIA?

    In the new process in PIA, you must upload your findings (report) generated in in the respective sample cards for material sampling. Please sign the findings in the system digitally and do not use scanned documents for this.

    PIA is informed by the system about the current status of your material sampling.

    For all other sampling scopes, use the PIA system as usual.

    Who is behind

    For more information, please visit the homepage of

    Can I view the platform (non-binding) in peace and in detail?

    Yes, they can register on a DEMO version extra

    What if I can't find my lab or sub-supplier on the platform?

    You can invite your partners to use the platform. Sub-suppliers are free of charge, laboratories are subject to a charge. 

    Can I also submit data where the automated evaluation results in yellow or red?

    Yes in principle, in accordance with the SDR procedure set by Mercedes-Benz.

    Is it possible to hand in documents later?

    Documents can be submitted on the plattform until the final submission of material sampling operation to Mercedes-Benz.

    Does the system have a reminder function and warn me in good time before the final setting date?

    A task list with finish dates is provided. A reminder function is possible if necessary.

    I also have to submit material samples for powertrain plants. Does this work according to the same scheme?

    In the medium term, it is planned to implement the system for all processes. 

    What are the technical requirements for use?

    The application is system-independent. All you need is an up-to-date browser. No system installation is required on your computer.

    Do other OEMs use this platform as well? strives for an OEM-comprehensive solution. 

    Who is already using the platform? What experiences are there?

    Mercedes-Benz has been using the platform for interior emissions for over 5 years. 40 laboratories are connected. 

    What kind of contractual relationship arises from the use of

    You might enter a usage agreement with the platform. For current orders that do not contain a passage for the use of, the use for material sampling of MB components on is free of charge for your scopes. In addition, you can book further services that the platform offers against a usage fee.

    How is the legal liability of the data collected on ensured?

    With your final release of the data to Mercedes-Benz, the system generates a pdf document that you sign digitally and then upload to the folders for file upload of the triggered sample cards in PIA. This sets the data record as legally binding and the data can no longer be changed on the platform.

    Is the system safe?

    Authentication and authorization processes ensure that only authorized users have access to the data. Data changes can be tracked. Sensitive data is encrypted. The platform was subjected to a Daimler Security Check. 

    Is it ensured that the data is stored in accordance with EU law?

    The GDPR is adhered to. 

    Are there any training courses for the platform?

    In the Help Center of you will find online training clips and contact persons. You can find the Help Center via the question mark button at the top right.

    I have an interest in becoming one of the pilot users. Who can I contact?

    You can write an email to or

    Does also support very complex components?

    Yes, especially for complex components, the system will optimally support you. 

    What support does Daimler provide if I use the platform?

    The goal for Mercedes-Benz is to provide the best possible support for the material sampling process. The new process is intended to offer benefits to all parties involved. Mercedes-Benz bears, for example, the costs for displaying the 3D models, the automatically generated test plan and the standard digitization. In addition, the descriptive documents are digitized.