Version 18

    The Mercedes Modular Architecture (MMA) is in the starting blocks. With the newly developed platform, we are consistently implementing our luxury strategy in compact entry-level models.

    What does this mean? 

    The implementation of all strategic pillars, reduction in complexity through fewer derivatives and a clear focus on the topic of luxury. To ensure that the start is successful, we rely on partnership-based cooperation and early sensitization of our suppliers and project partners.

    Finally again analog and face-to-face

    Face-to-face events were taboo during coronavirus. Digital instead of analog was the key. On June 20, representatives of our 100 suppliers finally met again in person at the Center of Excellence in Sindelfingen for the Mercedes-Benz Supplier Forum Mercedes Modular Architecture. Analog and face-to-face. All important players in the supplier industry were represented and discussed the core topics of the new platform with management representatives from Mercedes-Benz.

    High volume & highly integral

    With around 5 million vehicles planned worldwide throughout the life cycle, the MMA platform for  our compact vehicles is the hightes-volume, highly integrated platform at Mercedes-Benz. The compacts are and remain immensely important for us and our suppliers, also in light of the fact that they account for about 30% of our volume. 


    The MMA platform will be produced in our global production network for compact vehicles with the Rastatt, Kecskemét and Beijing production sites. Until the first vehicles of the new CLA roll off the line, there is still time at first glance-strictly speaking, 18 months or 530 days. Nevertheles, the right time is now for suppliers to be involved in key success factors such as luxury standards in product quality, high maturity levels, observance of scheduled deadlines and validation of necessary capacities. It is all about ensuring a successful start of production (SOP) together!

    „The new MMA platform will be our strategic pioneer. We look forward to realizing these great cars together with you, and we are counting on you to concentrate fully on providing components of the highest quality and correct quantity in good time. Product quality at the highest level is the goal and foundation for the brand promise of Mercedes-Benz and the joint cooperation.“

    Absolute will to succeed is required

    Various hardware phases, among others, are used for maturity level validatioin. These have already been started with the A-vehicles and by SOP the maturity level is continuously increased via the confirmation vehicles, Pro Z, 1, 2. The message to the supplier representatives at the Supplier Forum was clear: We expect absolute will to succeed and stability in products, quality and processes. These factors shall also be validated in the sub-supplier structure. With regard to semiconductors, the clear appeal to the suppliers was to ensure the development of necessary capacities before SOP.

    „Experience and technology transfer are important levers for continuous product development. Good examples – the EQA and the Vision EQXX. Our entire strategy with MB.OS is based on continuous learning and permanent feedback. Of course, concept vehicles are no exception, because the knowledge gained will be transferred to future series models. This not only applies to the efficiency of the powertrain. The same applies to entire vehicle design.“

    Christoph Starzynski, starting July 1, 2023 – Head of Leiter Complete Vehicle Development and Integration Mercedes-Benz Cars (RD/V)

    Real drivers of innovation 

    Based on the new platform, our future entry-level luxury models will be real drivers of innovation. A good example is MB.OS (Mercedes-Benz Operating System). The CLA will be the first vehicle of the Mercedes Modular Architecture with whose market launch our own operating system will be introduced, It is the future centerpiece of our vehicles. The engine of the future. MB.OS controls the vehicle from drive and infotainment to app applications. With MB.OS, we want to differentiate ourselves from the competition and become a benchmark. 


    Further examples of innovation are the evolution oft he EQ design and the user experience as well as the use of sustainably CO 2 – reduced aluminium. Together with our suppliers, we are working to decarbonize the aluminum supply chain and are already purchasing CO 2 – reduced aluminum. This summer, the more sustainable material will be used in complex structural cast components for the bodyshell in selected Mercedes-Benz models. Another example field of use is the MMA supporting frame of the electric drivetrain.

    No premium product without sustainability 

    All mentioned examples offer our customers a differentiated, first-class and sustainable product experience. Our aim is to: No premium product without sustainability. Three sustainability goals essentially determine our actions: Climate protection, resource conservation and human rights. We also expect this demand from our suppliers. This was also a clear message to the suppliers at the Supplier Forum and applies to the entire supply chain. This requires strong target-and result-oriented partnerships with suppliers.

    Oliver Thöne, Head of Product Strategy & Steering (PS)

    „530 days until the start of production! The goal is to achieve the best quality for a successful ramp-up from 2024. It’s a journey we’re on together. You, the partners of the supplier industry, will be the decisive part of this journey. To this end, we are pooling our strengths together.“

    Let’s get started! Giving the best for MMA together

    We are ready for MMA.  The star has always been a promise fort he future: Changing the existing situation to further improve it to create something extraordinary and forward-looking. 

    At the supplier forum on June 20, 2023, our suppliers received all the necessary information on the MMA core topics as well as a clear picture of our expectations. It was a great and informative day for all partners around the new CLA and the entire MMA platform. It was certainly one of the highlights of the forum to take a first look at the new star – the  CLA. Of course, among the highest security measures.

    „The Entry Luxury segment is and remains an important segment! Together, we must increase the maturity level and ensure it by SOP. We can only do this together!“

    Simone Budde, Senior Manager Procurement & Supplier Quality, Model Series Management Compact Cars (MP/BS)

    In a nutshell 

    With an unconditional will to succeed, get the vehicle started in sustainable top quality and with a clear focus on costs. 

    Let’s get started. Time is running! Even if it is still 18 months or 530 days until SOP. The countdown is on! No we have to go full throttle together.