Version 6

    The pick-up sheet process is subject to continuous developments. In addition to process-related optimiations, these also have an effect on the improved functionality of the existing systems.
    As part of the new SMB/ BBM release, two new pick-up sheet features have been deployed. We would like to inform you about their functionality below. These features are available for operational use in SMB/ BBM since 02th of February 2024.

    Display over-delivery in call-off table SMB/ BBM (ASN > promised quantity (S)PUS)

    Over-deliveries refer to deliveries whose advised delivery quantity is greater than the delivery quantity originally promised by the supplier (ASN > promised quantity (S)PUS). As part of the new feature, over-deliveries are indicated by a blue truck symbol ("") in the pick-up sheet status column of the call-off table in SMB/ BBM. The system automatically compares the ASN quantity with the promised quantity of the (S)PUS. Complete deliveries (ASN = promised quantity (S)PUS) are still indicated by a green truck symbol ("") and under-deliveries (ASN < promised quantity (S)PUS) by a green truck symbol combined with a red load carrier symbol ("").

    Over-deliveries are in general not welcome. It is important to stick to the pick-up-sheet processes incl. quantity and time. 

    Display goods receipt in call-off table SMB/ BBM 

    In addition to the display of over-deliveries, the new SMB/ BBM release includes the display of booked goods receipts in the call-off table. Goods receipts are identified by a factory symbol (""). The factory symbol replaces existing pick-up-sheet status symbols (e.g. truck symbol) from the moment of goods receipt in the pick-up sheet status column of the call-off table in SMB/ BBM. (S)PUS deliveries are displayed in the call-off table until the scheduled delivery date has expired.