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    Evaluated Receipt Settlement (ERS) is the process of settling goods receipt automatically. The vendor invoices are posted automatically in the system, based on the information in the purchase order and goods receipt (without actually receiving it from the vendor).

    This procedure can be applied if legally allowed and all tax requirements are met. The process is appropriate for productive material as well as Katalogsystem suppliers. 




    • Automated procedure based on the underlying contract between Mercedes-Benz and the supplier.
    • ERS documents are usually transferred electronically via EDI VDA4938 
       (optional: paper receipt or PDF download from "Financial Vendor Portal")
    • Positive cash flow effect for the supplier through regular and on-time payments based on goods receipts and price settlements


    If you are interested in the ERS process for the German plants, please contact the following e-mail address by mentioning your supplier number:


    Contact address for our Hungarian plant Kecskemet: