Version 6


    You are not registered in FVP yet and you need support how to register for the Financial Vendor Portal?

    Please refer to the details under the tile Information on Registration Process / Supplier Portal Manager

    You are already registered in the FVP


    • Technical problems

    If you have technical problems please use the “Support button” on the upper right corner of the FVP main page.


    • Questions regarding invoices/debit and credit notes / Other Requests with invoice reference
      Please use in FVP the request functionalities under “Display invoice status”. By clicking on the button “Docs/Inquiry” of the corresponding line item, you can send requests for invoice status, documents (debit/credit notes) and “Other” requests. After sending the request you will receive the corresponding ticket number. 


    • Questions on payments

    Please use the request functionality under “Display Payment Advice”.


    • Changes master data

    Please use the request functions under "Display of own data".


    • Further questions without invoice reference
      Please refer to our FAQs and the contact list

    Quick Guide_FVP functions.pdf

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